3 deals with her--she's fantastic!

We've worked with Carolyn for two home purchases and a home sale, we're thrilled with her approach and responsiveness. It doesn't hurt that she's also super nice and fun. Carolyn uses technology in clever ways and doesn't give up when the market gets tough. We listed our house two weeks before COVID lockdowns, Carolyn figured out how to keep interest going even when people couldn't come for physical walkthroughs. It was a difficult sale but Carolyn kept our spirits high. She's fantastic!
-Camri and Chris

A Delight to Work with...

"Carolyn was a delight to work with in the process of buying our home in Gunbarrel! We moved to the area from out of town and had no familiarity with the local market. Carolyn helped us through every step of the process -- from exploring neighborhoods, to honing in on our preferred type of house, to finding a house we love. She was super communicative and supportive, leaving us with no questions unanswered. I can't recommend Carolyn enthusiastically enough!"

Allison Lehmann

Have Worked with Many Real Estate Agents.

I have been a real estate lawyer for over 40 years and have worked with many real estate agents. I am
pleased to have had Carolyn Bleicher working with us on our house buy in Lafayette. She was
professional, informed and diligent. Carolyn was responsive to our concerns and provided options as
well as insights when we questioned whether a house would meet our needs; she did not try to steer us
in a particular direction. Carolyn represented us well, and we would recommend her.
Robert J. Murphy, Jr., Esq.
Judy Green

Thanks Carolyn

've been browsing the market in and around Boulder County for the past fifteen months or so and have received a lot of input and guidance from Carolyn while reviewing properties during that time. With the beginning of this year I began hunting with intent to purchase. The market during the past few weeks has been very active with nice houses going under contract in just a few days, which meant we had to move quickly. Carolyn worked closely with me to refine my search criteria, help me narrow down what I was really looking for and to move quickly in identifying and doing walk-throughs of new properties.

Carolyn put together a list of properties to review and we found my new dream home. In some cases this would put an end to the interaction with a Realtor would end, but Carolyn helped me line up the needed inspections, post-inspection repairs, negotiations and most importantly brought a sense of calmness and sensibility to the table where my emotions were overtaking common sense.

I'm very thankful that I wound up going with Carolyn.

Love her!

Carolyn is both highly competent and extraordinarily personable. This is exactly the right combination for a realtor. She understands the market and makes life easy for the buyer. She also understands what an exciting yet potentially difficult decision buying a home is. She's there to hold you hand and really guide the process. Carolyn loves what she does, and that makes it fun to work with her. We know quite a few very good realtors in Boulder, but we did not hesitate to work with her, and are glad we did. -Kathryn

My condo sold for the highest price in the complex!

Carolyn found a buyer before even putting my condo on the market! I had never sold a home, before. Carolyn helped me through the process like a pro! There wasn't so much negotiation, at least not about the selling price. Carolyn kept me from spending money I didn't need to, and told me when to pull the trigger on the expenses I needed to incur.


We wanted to buy a home in the greater Boulder area and were coming in from out of town. We selected her because we sensed she really cared about our circumstances, even before it was obvious this might become an opportunity for her. And then, from a standing start, in less than one week, Carolyn helped us familiarize ourselves with the various communities, identify over 100 prospects and visit more than two dozen, select a few finalists, put in a bid and negotiate a final offer, which was accepted. She was great to work with throughout -- cheerful, realistic but optimistic, offering guidance without being directive, and professional and effective in negotiating and closing. Terrific!

Not a Run of the Mill Broker

Thought Carolyn would be a run of the mill broker as we have bought a few houses in our 29 years of
marriage but what an impressive knowledgeable person she turned out to be.
She found so much information on our property we were looking at and all of our questions were answered
in a quick manner if we needed more details and always willing to go the extra mile. Such a breath of fresh
air and so skilled in what she does. Carolyn is the best!!

Carolyn is top notch in everything she does for her clients! On top of every detail. She makes purchasing a home a joy.
We were very impressed!

She treated us like we were her only client

Carolyn not only contacted us the same day we called on a property, but also made arrangements to show us
the property the same afternoon. she stayed on it with us and aggressively help us put together a quick
deal.first showing to close less than a month which is what we wanted.

Carolyn treated us like we were her only client and made us her number one priority including nights,
weekends, and even when she was on vacation.
Scott and Marlene


Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work finding Frank and I a house and for the cool gifts you gave us. You really have gone well beyond our expectations for a Realtor. I definitely consider you a friend and hope we can do dinner soon.

Frank and Cheryl

Found a great house!

Carolyn was great! This was our first home purchase and Carolyn helped us all along the way. She mad the whole process painless and really transparent. My wife and I ended up with the perfect home at a great price!

Great to work with!

Carolyn, was great to work with. Carolyn stayed on top of all the important dates and made sure that things happened when they should. We would definitely use her again.